Online Training         in Deutsch

With our Online Training students can join the theory
part of the SRC Course from their computer at home.
Innovative Lerning at Koblmiller:

Same Simulator as real Equipment at Exam.
Use the online  Simulator in the same manner as being in front of the device.

Immediate feedback if your actions are correct.

Online Theory Presentation with possibility to interact with the Trainer.

  Online Simulator
  same Simulator as real Equipment used during Course and Exam
  online Training

Study some theory basics at home, then

5 Hours Online Training (Friday Evening)

8 Hours Classroom Training (Saturday)

thereafter Exam


PC with sufficient Internetconnection
Microphone and Loudspeaker (optional Webcam)


reduced travel , less Stress and less Costs
  Online Presentation
  ask questions immediatly when they arise
  online Training

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